Pin the Bakri! and other Eid-al-Adha game ideas for children.

Hello everyone! This post brings to you a lovely collection of fun party game ideas for your little (or big) bubbas. Eid can be such a magical time of the year, but from a child’ point of view can be rather boring too! I know I certainly didn’t appreciate constantly traipsing from one relatives house to another, making sure I was on my best behaviour and didn’t eat more than one biscuit, like my Mum had pre-warned me beforehand.

Although the main religious rituals are the Eid prayers, children don’t have the maturity to understand the depth of this. A way around this is to have religious education in the form of party games, so they are still engaged in the theme of the day but in a way that is accessible to them!  

1.  The Ihram Mummy: Children have to wrap each other using toilet rolls so that they become a pilgrim with the two pieces of cloths. Who can wear the ihram the fastest? 

2.   Pass the parcel: Wrap a lovely present with layers of newspaper and tissue paper, alternating between putting in small treats such as sherbet straws/bouncy balls, dares and facts about Eid-ul-Adha/Prophets. 

3.   Make a Kaba’h: So easy. Print off some nets, and let them figure out how to make a cube. They can decorate using some colour pencils, felt tip pens and glitter. 

4.   Pin the Bakri (lamb): This one is my favourite! Print off a big cartoon of a lamb and its tack separately. Blindfold your child and ask them to pin the tail on the bakri. Velcro and blu-tack are also great alternatives for sticking the tail on. 

5. Sinbad’s Treasure: Hide little goodies like penny sweets and trinkets around the house. Give your children a map and leave them to it.

6. Colouring sheets: There are so many Eid-related printables online! Print these off and hand them over to your little one with some colouring pencils. 

7. Eid crafts: You can have a little table where your little ones can make some Eid bunting to hang up, or alternatively can also make some Eid cards for friends/family. 

8.  Tasbeer-making: You know those beads you can make bracelets with? Your children can design and make their own tasbeer using different colours, shapes and sizes. 

9.  Hajj-map: Give your children some information about Hajj and challenge them to draw a map based on this. 

10.  Secret Sahabi: Literally Secret Santa, but the Muslim version because it’s got Sahabi and not Santa in it.

You can go as crazy as you want to with these Eid activities/games. They can be extravagant and fancy shmancy with all the glitter, or they can be really basic like the colouring sheet activity. Remember that the activities are just there to provide a little fun and occupy the children so they don’t burst with boredom, as opposed to creating another gigantic job for Mum/Dad. Whatever you decide to do, remember to make it fun for the little ones because it’s so easy to sideline them when you’ve got lots of preps to do! Have a happy Eid!

Do you have any other ideas for Eid games? Leave me a comment below!


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