Wedding Preps: Pretty in Pink...maybe?

Hi all. So! There's a family wedding coming up soon and *dun dun duuuuun*, the search is on to buy a pink dress. Something quite 'out there' for a girl who normally gravitates toward purples and greens and blues. And then I got told the scheme is Pink. The complete opposite. That's fine, I can work with that, keeping an open mind and all...So off I went along to the local shops in search of this 'pink wedding-y material.' 

I had a look around in a few shops, but the options for pink were...I wasn't feeling it. And I wasn't about to buy something just for the sake of it being pink. Some pinks were really in-your-face, some were catered to the aunty generation and others were bridal outfits. :(

I said that I'd like to wear something 'out the box' and different, because I'm not always a fan of traditional Indian bling, as it can always be quite heavy and uncomfortable to walk around in. Plus I feel as though a lot of the Indian ready-made dresses do not really cater for 'Hijaabis' due to the high slits, the low necks, the short sleeves and the fitted styles. *Family Fortunes buzzer sound*. 

I've found this lovely material which ticks all my boxes. It's a tasteful Pink, it's not traditional, it's a bit out-the-box and looks cheery enough for a wedding. This material has threadwork roses on pink net, with each flower and leaf embellished with a single pearl. The net itself is so light, so I hope it'll fall easily. With a graceful *tadah!* 

I'd like to have the net styled as an A-line skirt, with some dark lining underneath it to really allow the roses to 'show off.' I'm hoping for a plain top with full length sleeves, as I think an embroidered top will be too much. And then accessory wise, I'm thinking of keeping it really simple. I'm planning on wearing my scarf really simple, with both tails whipped over. In terms of accessories, I'm thinking more English style shoes and a matching bag :) I'll be sure to upload an image to my Instagram when I wear this outfit, as I'm sure there'll be plenty of twirlin' and posin' at the wedding! 

Do you have any suggestions for my outfit look? Leave your suggestions below :)


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