How much makeup is too much makeup?

According to Glamour Magazine, every year the average woman spends £867.60 on beauty products. Does this sound like you? 

Just last week, I had popped into a health and beauty retailer to buy some basic makeup; concealer and foundation. As I stood transfixed on the spot, I could not help but let my eye wander up and down the entire aisle of beauty products: Lip-gloss, colour-correctors, foundation, eyeshadow, primers, contouring kits, illuminators, powders, highlighters... all in a plethora of shapes, colours, smells, finishes and sizes!

That’s what triggered me to wonder: “How much makeup is too much makeup?” In a bid to maintain healthy competition, brands continue launching the latest ‘must-have’, which explains the overwhelming choice available. Products are always being re-developed, and improved with time. The reality is, we don’t need all of this. In fact, some may argue that we don't need any of it depending on how much makeup you do/n't wear. 
On the one hand, makeup can be used solely for makeup use, but then it is also used as an art form, which does explain the vast choice of colours or finishes. I reckon my issue lies with the fact when products are constantly being sub-developed, or even worse, when 'new' products are just old products re-marketed. A Cheek stain? That's just a lipstick smeared on your cheek. Concealers branched to under-eye concealers, before branching out even further to colour correctors. Or there were highlighters, but now we have strobing sticks, and highlighter drops too.
Instead of having purposeful products, it’s just another string to the Jones’ bow. One that everyone feels pressured to play, quickly becoming an entire orchestra because no-one wants to be the first to admit that they don't actually like/want the product. With a product like makeup that is so visible if you use it, it also means that if you don’t wear the latest product in the 'latest trend', you're no longer ‘with the times’. 

Are we just dissatisfied with ourselves and seek a temporary high in makeup to fill voids? Maybe. 
Are we insecure and just buying this makeup to demonstrate what we can afford? Yes, in some cases. 

What are your thoughts on the makeup industry? Please leave a comment below :)


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