My Primark Monochrome Wishlist | July 2018.

Etched Mini Faux Plant Pot
Ok. I know it's been a very long time. School's out for summer!! Yippee! The other day when I was in town, I saw these goodies in Primark, and decided to make a Wishlist/ virtual shopping list. They have some trendy homeware there in many styles; boho, Harry Potter, Disney, and then they've also got this monochrome look going on. 

When I saw these pieces at Primark, I started thinking of simplistic, modern, clean-cut interiors. I'm thinking art gallery, minimal items and statement items. White walls, glass and plants. The following items are beautiful in their own way; not only does the monochrome look chic and stylish, it also brings about a touch of sophistication to the room. Scroll down to see my wishlist! :)

                                             Striped Vase
So there you have it. My Monochrome wishlist from Primark. If I was going to dress any interior with these accessories, I would also include pops of colour along with these accessories in order to bring about some vibrancy. The monochrome look is most definitely a trend everywhere, and can also be paired up with white walls and grey carpets. Keep all your accessories minimal to achieve a sleek look.  I'd thrown in an apple green and some mustards here and there to introduce that burst of juicy colour!

How would you style your interiors with these accessories? 


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