6 Family-Friendly Fashion Hacks.

Have you ever wondered how those glamorous mums always seem to have their sh...... together, and yet still look composed? I used to wonder too. And then I realised I was already doing the same thing, just with a different baby. My grandma! :)

Being a young lady, and wanting to look all glam at weddings is one thing, but then having to make sure you've got the practicalities of managing to push your grandma around on a wheelchair at the same time is a skill I'm quite proud of having! :) It's second nature to me now, but may be useful to you if it's all quite new. Pushing a grandma around is literally the same thing as having a child to look after because they both sit on wheeled devices and require attention :P 

1. Wear a rucksack, because it is great for storing wipes, snacks and tissues. It can also carry a spare change of clothes should said person dirty their clothes. 

2. Buy a handbag with a loop. You can easily hang this on your wrist and it does its own thing, leaving your hands free to hold hands/wheelchair/pram. 

3. Wear stiff jewellery which settles on your neck and doesn't get in the way. 

4. If you're wearing a dupatta, then consider storing it away in the pram/wheelchair whilst you're moving. This will prevent it getting caught in the wheels. 

5. Opt for dresses which finish above the ankle, again because it reduces the chances of it getting caught in any wheels. 

6. I like to wear shoes instead of sandals because this stops me from tripping, as there's no strap to get caught in.

Do you have any tips or tricks you use? Leave a comment below and share! 


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