50 Self-Improvement Ideas.

Hi everyone! As I was looking through my albums, the photo above inspired me. It was taken 5 years ago when I went on a long trek through fields of bulls and country-roads in the name of charity. I have grown as a person since then. And no, I don't pose in this cheesy thumbs up manner anymore. The list below are just a few (!) ideas which have helped me, or would like to try. Hopefully you can take inspiration from the list too! 

1. Read a book from a completely different genre to the one you're normally used to.
2. Learn how taxes work.
3. Visit an art/museum exhibition completely out of your interest.
4. Watch a theatre production about a historical event.
5. Ask your banker to explain their pension schemes to you.
6.  Research about your hometown.
7. Yoga.
8. Meditate.
9. Paint a picture.
10. Learn how to thread your own eyebrows.
11. Bite your tongue when you want to argue.
12. Learn origami. Then make a flower for a loved one.
13. Write a short story.
14. Learn a new language.
15. Have a go at calligraphy/hand lettering.
16. Exercise everyday for 5 minutes to get rid of that jelly belly.
17. Ask your grandparents questions about their lifestyle 'back home.'
18. Cook something new.
19. Why is aromatherapy beneficial for you?
20. Go on a First Aid course.
21. Sort out a skincare routine that works for you.
22. Ditch the impulse buys. If you don't need it, don't buy it.
23. Donate possessions that make you regress.
24. What do I believe in?
25. Haggle at a car-boot.
26. Update your CV.
27. Look at crafts on Pinterest and DIY!
28. Make a feel-good playlist.
29. Who is my local MP? What do they stand for?
30. Research your faith/culture/roots.
31. Recycle and Reuse. Even better, start a compost bin system.
32. Light essential oils.
33. Volunteer for a local charity.
34. Do I know how to put up a shelf? Ain't nobody need a 'big strong man'!
35. Set a budget and stick to it.
36. Bake cookies and give them to your neighbour.
37. Talk to an old person.
38. Talk to a 5 year old. Pull faces.
39. Have a prayer/reflection time in the morning.
40. Go for a run in the park.
41. Declutter.
42. How do you deal with a difficult relative?
43. New hairdo. Be brave!
44. Start a gratitude journal.
45. Wake up earlier.
46. File away all your payslips and bank statements.
47. Plan an 'everyday makeup' routine you can do in 10 minutes.
48. Drink 2L of water.
49. Learn how to play an instrument.
50. Take up a new sport.

If you have any other ideas, then feel free to drop me a comment :)


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