Revelling in the Christmas Magic.

As the snow falls softly to the ground, each one a little white ball of magic from heaven, I look upward. My face feels like it's literally smiling at the angels which fly somewhere above, beyond those clouds and wisps of chalky-blue. 

The sky is like a sleek navy blue blanket, riddled and sprinkled with the light of a million diamonds. All twinkling happily as they send their rainbow smiles onto myself and the people walking past hurriedly. It's pure bliss to know that in the same way I am awed by the art God has created, someone out there in the world is looking up at the sky, thinking the same thing. The same moon and stars glisten in their mighty pride. Slender strength. The clusters of jewels which sit on the polished glass shelves are nothing, nothing compared to the majesty which does radiate from above.        

Medieval art from a church in Nottingham City Centre.

Somewhere, in the near distance, Rhiana's 'Shine Bright Like a Diamond' starts pulsating from speakers. I smile inwardly at the appropriateness of this happy coincidence. 'Palms rise to the universe, as we moonshine and shineeeeee brighttttt......tonight.......we're beautiful like diamonds in the skyyyyy...!!!". 

My mind takes me back to the time a friend said: 
"Rihanna talks a lot about drugs in that song right?" And I laughed, and chided back, refusing to let such a gorgeous song become sullied by the adult themes. 

"No way! It's about people who get on with one another sleekly? Like, they *click*? It's all about perception and how you interpret it...?" 
"Hmmm...interesting! You've given a whole 'spiritual' meaning to the whole song." 

"Thanks, and good! :) " 

The hot sugary smells of doughnuts wake me from this memory, and suddenly, I can feel the soft fur coating the insides of my boots. It's so peaceful and fulfilling. Children are laughing by the Clocktower Christmas tree, looking up at it, struck by its towering, fresh, earthy smell. A tree which stands tall and authoritatively. The big red and green baubles hang with weight, weighing the tall tree down. Each bauble shiny and polished, reflecting the smiles and giggles it's surrounded by. 


I can hear the sounds of musical tinkles leaking from The Body Shop. A girl stands outside the shop front, offering small children and giggly ladies a sparkly puff of shimmer, or a luxurious hand massage of a cinnamon body oil. 

"It has MANY benefits. Which hand Madam? :) Do you like it when I rub it like this, or this? :)" "That feels divine, sweetheart!""Thank you :) It contains Community Fairtrade Shea which we source from..." "Duck, I really must dash. I'd like to stop and stay, but I MUST must pick up some pillow spray from Marks and Spencers." "Oh okay...have a good Christmas then :)" 

Yep. The Lady was never going to stop, hehe. You could see it in her half-enjoying-the-massage half-wanting-to-dash waddle, and awkward crimson grin. As The Lady walks away, The Body Shop girl sighs, and her smile droops. She needs to hit targets or she'll feel like she's not good enough. 

Her shoulders drop, but eyes light up once more in hope as another passer-by slows down. Hmm...this one might stay. Looks like she's having a girly time with her daughter. Pampering. Relaxing. Quality Mama and Baby Girl time. 

"This scent is so creamy. Sweet. Yet subtle at the same time darling. Try it. " "Thank you Mummy. Yes. I think it smells like strawberry marshmallows."  The little girl's toothy rose-bud grin is a sign that The Body Shop girl has secured a sale. Result! Get in! Whhhoooop whoooop! 

I bet she stands there quietly eyeing the bedazzled Christmas tree when she's lease lining, excited, hopeful, and wondering what the new year will bring her. Bless you darling. The Christmas magic doesn't last all the time. But who am I to tell her this? Let her hold on to that innocence whilst she still can. She is textbook Body Shop material. Chirpy. Eager to please. Smiling from ear to ear all the time, those pretty, lipgloss'd lips an exit for a thousand words which lay in her, to escape from. That was me, this time last year. I wonder where this girl will be in a year's time. 

As I walk past the 'Tiger' fountain, I pop in to see which stories they've displayed in the lights this year. A little girl wrapped in a shawl, holding her Papa's protective finger. Ready to save her from the evils of the world. I smile and remember the days Papa and I would visit the Town Hall Square, resplendent in its beautiful sparkling lights. Which story would they have displayed THIS year? Wombles and Alice in Wonderland. 

I feel a tap on my shoulder. Warm. Weighty. It can only be one person. Yup. 
"This is for you." The smell of tomato sauce and cheese wafts temptingly to my nostrils as I smile.

"Hi Dad :) You took forever!" 

"There was a big queue...!" I giggle and snake my arm through my Dad's arm, giving him our signature squeezy-hug, my red cape shielding me from the piercing cold air. 

I take a big bite, and mmmm! Yummy! :P Comfort food. But the sauce drips down my chin. :( Typical! 


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