10 ways you can use leftover food to reduce food wastage.

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With all the controversial news surrounding us about poverty, I thought it was really important to have a post like this on my blog. Sometimes I think that we can maximise our resources, so here we are :) I feel that using leftover food is important because it reduces food wastage and also gives you good value for your money. Humility :) The 10 tips below will *fingers crossed* also make us appreciate our blessings.

1. Jelly
Jelly is so versatile. You can either use this to make a trifle pudding, or you can also chop/grate this into your milkshake and top wth ice-cream to make a falooda!

2. White boiled rice.
This is a really great leftover to have because you can chuck this straight into a quiche and it will immediately give your quiche/cheese flan more bite. Alternatively, freeze the rice and later on in the week when you're tired from work, cook a curry to eat with the rice.

3. Kheema (minced meat) curry.
I like to reduce down the curry in my minced meat, and then add this to pasta. So much of the flavour from the curry gets transferred to the pasta that all that is needed is some grate cheese. Yum! If you're not a fan of pasta, boiled spaghetti is another option for a spaghetti bologna dish.

4. Bananas 
Are your bananas going mushy? Blitz it into the blender with some strawberries and yoghurt for a delicious smoothie. Or, why not turn it into a face mask?

5. Chicken curry
This one's great because all you have to do is cook white rice into it, and hey presto! You have a chicken biryani! You also have the choice of keeping the rice seperate to make it into a curry-rice dish.

6. Kheema curry 
Yay. We've come back to minced meat again. Transform your Indian dish into English food by simply boiling some mash, layering it with the minced meat and topping with cheese! Tadah! You now have a Shepherd's/Cottage pie. Boil some veg on the side. Sorted.

7. BBQ Chicken 
Shred. Stir-fry with noodles for a Chicken Chow Mein. Or you can also put it into pitta pockets to make a Chicken Jerk sandwich.

8. Sheesh Kebabs
Cut these into chunks and roll up into puff pastry. Bake. You now have instant Sausage rolls. Or, if you're feeling really risky, cut them up into disks and top your margherita pizza with this as a spicy pepperoni alternative.

9.Ice Cream. 
You know when you have the last lot left in the tub? Scoop it out and blend with some milk for a super creamy falooda. Another alternative is adding it to cold coffee for an adult drink on those summer afternoons, or making an ice-cream sandwich!

10. Stale cake. 
Cut this stale cake into chunks or small disks. Top with jelly, custard and fruit. Tadah! Trifle.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any other tricks for using leftover food, then leave a comment below :) Till next time, keep smiling! :)


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