Ramadhan Preparation Tips!

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Hello all! :) Sorry I've been awol as of late, but duties call. Anyway, I've been thinking of some tips I'd like to share with you to make Ramadhan as smooth as possible :) And here's what I've come up with. 

1. Get little cooking tasks done in bulk and storied away.
This can be items like cutting coriander, or slicing onions which are needed for everyday dishes. If this food is already prepped and stored away, it saves time when you come home from work, and are tired! I find making little favour-sized portions in food bags a handy way to keep this food ready.

2. Make a dua list.
It can be so hard to remember what you want to ask Allah for. I'd suggest (and I'm going to practice what I preach) categorising each part of your desires. And that's not me being OCD, it's just to ensure nothing gets unspoken to the One who can literally give you anything you ask for. I'm also going to include a 'Thank You For...' list.

3. Write down a target of how much you'd like to pray each day.
This one's super flexible. Whether it's how much time you'd like to spend praying Qur'an, or how many chapters you'd like to pray, I'd have some sort of goal where I can track my productivity by.

4. Donate unwanted clothes and posessions to a charity shop.
Not only does this instantly de-clutter your house, you're also doing an act of good by helping those in need. And since Ramadhan is about empathising with those less fortunate, I'd say this is a really cleaning-my-house-and-earning-brownie-points tip.

5. Learn the different isms each day.
As an ism is a name of Allah, of which there are 99, it'd be ideal learning roughly 3-4 each day. With that, you can also learn its meaning, which in turn is an attribute of Allah! I think this is a great way of expanding knowledge about Allah :)

Do you have any preparation tips you'd like to share? If so, leave a comment below!

Till next time,
Smiles and Salaam,


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