Keeping it Reel!

Hi! How has your day been? I hope it's been a good 'un. This post brings to you something I think is really important for me to say, as a blogger. 
Not everything you read, see or hear on social media is true. Or as it appears to be. And that's me being completely true. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there isn't any news hot off the press like a Krispy Kreme just rolled off the conveyor belts in Selfridges. Some of you may think 'Er...yes we know' (in which case, whoo hoo!). But there are so many people who are completely disillusioned by the internet.

As a blogger, I feel it's really important to bring you eye-catching, interesting and engaging content. I may not have millions of viewers and followers like other bloggers, and it would be ideal to! But the main reason I blog is because I enjoy writing. It's a creative vessel.

However, I also feel, and know that so many people are deceived with what they assume about an individual, purely by their social media presence. When you see a blogger's Insta feed, or their website, or Facebook, there's this tendency to start romanticising their lifestyle. However, bloggers are making conscious decisions of how to pose, layout and photograph certain objects because that's their job. With masses of websites dedicated to perfecting blogs, it's no wonder there's such a divide between e-life and real life.

It's lovely to see all those photogenic snaps of the model looking into the distance as the crimson sunset starts sinking. Or the picture-perfect couple holding hands (light streaming through the middle). And don't forget that monochrome house with the copper ornaments. I think it's really important to have appealing aesthetics because this is so important for a blog, and skilled photography can make all the difference.

Appreciate the aesthetics and the style.

And then at the same time, know this. E-life is art. It's curated in just as same manner an art exhibition is at a museum. Appreciate that bloggers and e-life have a real life. Moments before that joyous twirl in a field, that blogger was probably having a little bit of a meltdown because there's a million and one things to do.

Now stop scrolling through your Instagram feed, and try and eat a meal without filtering it. :)

Till next time

Smiles and Salaams,

Shai xxx


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