What's the best way to tone down jazzy Indian outfits?

Hi :) After mulling over how I could downplay the jazzy element in my Indian outfits over the wedding gone, I thought I'd share my ideas with you! :) Don't get me wrong. I like glitter. I like embroidery. But in tasteful amounts. (And not as though a 5 year old's BLASTED my face and outfit with sequins.)

Here are the following tips:

1. Tone down with a plain coloured scarf. This block of colour will downplay the entire *bling* aspect of your #ootd, as well as tying the whole look together. I would recommend using a matte scarf, with absolutely no gold/silver edging or glittery bits as I think this looks smarter.

2. Use your accessories to create blocks of colour as this will 'ground' your #ootd and reduce the sparkly element.

3.Use statement jewellery. Traditional Indian #ootd's are already heavily embroidered, with all the bells and whistles. I find that if your jewellery is really dangly and spangly, this can look rather over the top. Stick to one bracelet, or a classy pair of studs.

4. Apply non-glittery makeup. Just because your dress has silver glitter in it, doesn't mean you need matching silver glittery eyeshadow. A pearlescent eyeshadow can look very beautiful :)

5.  Feel free to use bright pops of colour! And that is the key. A *pop* of colour. Not an entire smearing of it. When used sparingly, red lips or sparkly purple eye-pencil can add that edge to your overall look!

Hope the above helped! If you have any suggestions or ideas, then feel free to leave a comment below! Remember to <3 this post on Instagram!

Smiles and Salaams :)

Shai xxx


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