5 ways to stay spiritually strong when Mother Nature's visiting.

Hello readers :) Today I'm sharing a post on how to stay connected spiritually when Mother Nature's visiting, as Muslim women are excused from certain religious rituals during this time. The 5 daily prayers create a rhythm to my day, and I like to maintain this throughout the month. Also, with Ramadhan coming up, I thought this would be quite helpful! :) 

1. Write in a Gratitude Journal.
SO easy to do! Grab a notebook, and make a list of 5-10 things. It can be anything from the roof over your head, to the hot cup of coffee, to the job promotion you received! They say gratitude breeds happiness, and it also allows you to recollect everything you're blessed with.

"Alhamdulillah." (Glory be to Allah.) 

2.Bow your head in Sujood. 
 Prostrating to God humbles you. It also allows you to unplug from everything around you and focus on the Big Stuff.  Alternatively, you could have some time out to reflect about everything.

3.Zikr (Remembrance) of Allah through his Names.
 I like to remember Allah through his various names because it allows me to appreciate Him through all His characteristics. This can be done at allocated times during Salah on prayer beads, or even 'naturally' whilst putting the laundry out!

4.Make Dua.
There's nothing as liberating as raising your hands to Allah and just speaking to Him about your troubles, thanking Him for everything you've got, and asking Him to fulfil your needs. Just speak in plain old English like you're talking to a friend!

5.Research about your faith.
There are many characters who have gone through experiences, both positive and negative that we can learn from and be inspired by. Perhaps a historical/religious figure will inspire you?

I strongly believe that Faith isn't just based on rituals, as this can have quite a robotic take on the whole nature of Imaan. It's about the genuine Belief you have in Allah. However, the above 5 physical actions are a means to maintain this connection.

I hope this short blog post helped you. If you do have any other ideas, do feel free to share in the comments below :)

Till next time, Smiles and Salaams xxx


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