Meet Aunt Flabbage.

Hi all! I have done some creative writing this time, and was inspired to write my own 'evil b*** aunt' character. She has been inspired by Umbridge, Marge and Trunchball as well as other observations. 

Aunt Flabbage was the kind of woman who really liked to eat. How did I know this? Well, it was quite evident with the way her big fat bottom wobbled like two mighty drums, lolloping from side to side. She scoffed them down as quickly as a hungry child ate their food. Maybe she thought that all the biscuits in the world would run out? Or perhaps she thought that this was a way to show 'power'. Either way, it was quite a disgusting sight to behold.

Her short, piggy fingers would grasp a Custard Cream tightly, before she took a 'sophisticated' bite from a biscuit. In other words, she would fit as much of the biscuit as her sloppy wet lips would surround. 'Get me a tissue.' How impolite! No 'Please' or 'Can you?'

'Here. I'll get it.'
'No! Shall I get you one?'
It was funny how the others sensed her power and danced around her whims lest she lose her temper at them.
She'd giggle sweetly. To a stranger, this would come across as a harmless laugh. But to those who knew her, it meant that she was quite flattered at the hold she had placed on others.

'Actually, I'll get it.' And there'd she go. Charging through the house with a terrifying might. Her watery eyes would take in everything, because as well as being gluttonous, she was also quite nosey. She liked nosing around in your business, and finding out as much information as possible. Anyone who met her actually trembled. And they dare disagree with anything she said. Because she might just sit on them and squash them flat.

And when she felt satisfied, (by this I mean she was sure that she was quite content that she'd terrorised and displayed her power enough), she would have an intake of sharp air, filling her large, Katie Hopkin-ish nose with as much O2 as it would allow. Her belly looked like an advert for Kwik Fit because multiple tyres were piled on top of the other. This also meant that she found it quite difficult to lean forward, because the tyres stopped this. 

Aunt Flabbage. What a character. And I hope you never have the misfortune to meet her. Her character was a  Frankenstein's monster between Umbridge's sickly sweet evil, crossed with Aunt Marge's terrorising.

What did you think of Aunt Flabbage? Leave a comment below! :)

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