Daadi-dearest: 5 reasons living with her is character-building.

"Ooooh, he's very handsome right?" *In Gujrati.
And that's not me.
That's my Daadi (paternal granny).
Eyes all lit up... gushing about Hrithik.

This isn't a cheesy post which claims that living with Grandparents is amazing. It's tough. But it is rewarding. There's such a generation difference, that there's a plethora of things you need to step back and compromise on. It's not even anything major, but it's the little, everyday things, which test your patience. I want to watch EastEnders, but my Daadi wants to pray at the same time. So I have to switch the T.V off. (Sounds trivial, but imagine that on a regular basis.) Along with the difficult things, I am glad for the many positives too!

1. Family values.
Thank you to my grandparents for instilling in me a strong sense of family values. They teach me how to stay grounded with family values, and teach me respect, honour and dignity. And although I feel *GRRR* at times, I know she's doing this to me because she wants me to be the best that I can be.

2.Traditions and Beliefs.
Lest I forget who I am, my Daadi is always reminding me of what my Islamic teachings are. She tells me stories of herself and my Grandad, and what their lives were like. She's like a guide, passing on pearls of wisdom from her life experience.

3.Moral compass.
When you live with someone who's pretty much seen life, they can provide you with a strong moral compass of what to do in situations. I believe that living with my Gran has disciplined me into the strong character I am, as she's guided me with wisdom and rational thinking.

Imagine the patience and compromise needed when two completely different generations live with each other! There are many other people to take into consideration when you make a decision; the domino effect. So! She has taught me how to find a middle ground which is mutually beneficial.

5. Granny comfort (and honesty).
When you're having a real shite day, they'll give you a cardigan-y hug and tell you to chill out a bit, and not to sweat it. Also, they're so old that they really don't care for pleasantries any longer. And a reality check is much needed every now and then.

What else would you like me to do a blog post on? Leave a comment below! I'll be blogging about my 'wedding outfit' soon and how I styled it, so keep an eye open! :)



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