Love. What's that?

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Hi guys! So this is probably an 'extension' of my Instagram post 'I laughed on Valentine's Day.' Okay here we go, another year, another Valentines Day. Blah blah. I'm quite squeamish and cynical about commercialised love (Mother's, Father's, Valentine's...) Day because it almost suggests that there's quite literally one day set aside for your loved one. And aaaaaaaaaaal your love and extra special-ness (yes I made that word up) has to be showered on them on this day only. Hmmm....

Now I get the other side of the argument, that this also allows a chance for those who don't usually to, to get in touch with loved ones, or that it provides an opportunity to break the awkward ice. But then I've seen it myself that the flipside to this is that 'Love' boils down to who can buy the biggest and baddest present. The biggest bunch of flowers. Or who can say the most sickly sweet words, when in reality Love is about so much more than that.

It's about patience, about compromise, about supporting another human being, about focusing on their positives, communicating, and ultimately just caring about them as a person. It's about being in their company, and that just being enough for you. *blows nose on tissue*. When you go out to each with this person, it's not because you're hungry, it's because you want to spend time with them. You strip away all the fancy stuff, the glamour and the glitz, you're left with the proper, real stuff. All the other stuff is the lah-di-dah stuff. Like fondant icing on a cake. You can do without it, and be left with substance.

To sum it up, it's always better to have all the essentials, and no fancy stuff. The Stuff That Doesn't Really Matter. But then like a well-decorated cake, it's always brill if you have a well-baked cake with some fancy pipework icing too. Just don't focus on the icing too much, cos the cake matters the most.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below! :) My love to you xxx


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