Contemporary Muslim Interiors: Goodbye plastic flowers. Hello Moroccan lamps!

I remember as a child, being given those really glittery Islamic frames when I passed my imtihaan (Exams) at Mosque, and I'd feel bloody cheated on because I didn't have a house! :O What was I supposed to do with one of those? To put the cherry on the cake, we'd also be given traditional stainless steel pots. Godssake. *eyeroll* I'd give the presents to my mum, (she made better use of the 'prizes') and then run off to boss my brother around.

It's amazing how much times have changed though. There is such a wide variety for young, modern Muslim couples to furnish their homes with Islamic quotes or accents, but with a stylish feel. With the growth of Muslim businesses, it's become so much easier to buy Islamic-inspired cushions, frames, art prints and ornaments without it looking like you've raided a shop from the 1960s.

I feel as though this is such an important movement, (even though it might seem quite shallow at surface level), but this allows the younger Muslim generation to quite overtly display their faith in their homes. With the rise of graphic design, religious prints now appeal to younger generations. In making such a stylistic change where religious artefacts are is concerned, a whole plethora of interior décor and fashionable range of furnishings are available to choose from. You can have Surah Yaseen printed on plain white A4 card, as opposed to buying a traditional floral frame your Khaala would have gifted you.

Religion can never be changed to fit your 'image.' It always has been, and will be the same religion. But, if you just take a scroll through Muslim businesses on Instagram, you'll notice that trends like clear white spaces, stripes and zig-zags are all the rage. Black and white is very big. Lettering dominates the Homeware industry at the moment. All trends which are in line with the aesthetics of all major homeware stores. And its this 'on the same page-ness' which harmonises faith with the 'real world.'

What are your favourite ways of accessorising your home? Leave a comment below! :)


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