Shimmer and Shine:The Body Shop's Sparkler

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This product makes me feel like one of those glamorous Hollywood stars in her Boudoir. There she is, she's sat with a mirror surrounded by bulbs, and someone's rolling up her hair in curlers. And then you see it, that magical *puff * of smoke which adds that *twinkle* onto our starlet. What's so attractive about this product is that it's got the classic pump which you can squeeze to your heart's content.  This vintage-style, glass atomiser most certainly brings out the sassy lady in you!

It's classy, and also fun to play with. This product is originally intended to be a body shimmer, but can also be used in other ways, making it very versatile and handy to keep in your handbag. The best way to use the Sparkler would be *zuzsh* it over moisturised skin, to puff over wet nail varnish, in your hair, and also as face makeup.

Since it can be applied in a variety of manners, this Sparkler is appealing to a range of females. the young ones prefer to use it as a girly magical prop on their nails, and our more sophisticated clients like to use it to subtly add sparkle to their legs and arms. Absolutely great for a party!

Personally, I like to puff out a whole lot of glitter dust into the air and then walk into it. This ensures that there's even coverage of the product on my body. The Sparklers were available in Glazed Apple (Green),  I opted for the Vanilla Sparkler (Enchanting Gold) because it's sweet and I also like puddings *fatty alert*. I wouldn't say let the colour of the glitter sway your decision. When it's out the bottle, there's just a subtle difference of gold and silver. Instead, go for the scent you like.

Anyway, I believe The Body Shop only has the Gold Sparkler left in stock,'s at half-price!!! TADAH!! This year, they've changed the colour of the pump to black, which increases it's glamour factor. What are you waiting for? Get pumping!

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What's your favourite glittery product to make you feel all glitzy? Leave a comment! :)


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