My Te Devina Detox verdict.

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Hi! :) It's lovely to see you all again! So keeping in theme with my previous post, I thought I'd do a really quick, sooper doper quick product review on this new detox tea that I'm drinking at the moment.

I've quit caffeine, so this one's perfect for me :) It's called Vida Tea, and comes in a maroon/silver foil packet that you have to make up with four pints of water, and then leave aside. The great thing about this tea is that it can be drunk either cold or hot, so it's really flexible to the time of the year. Also, you can flavour this tea with fruit such as lemons, oranges and strawberries which makes it versatile as it can be easily tailored to your taste.

The tea essentially works as a way to cleanse all the waste (toxins) in your colon which your body has trouble removing efficiently. It works as a boost. All of that excess waste and toxins can also cause your body to hold onto unnecessary weight. So this tea helps to 'lighten the load' and get those toxins moving. This colon cleanse effectively has the additional benefit of causing some weight loss. Voila.

So! I haven't started drinking in the morning because I'm a cereal kinda person, but I do like to sip on this detox tea at work as a 'cold tea' to quench my thirst. I find that adding in a squeeze of lemon definitely helps to add that freshness to the tea, which can otherwise taste quite earthy. I'd recommend adding in a blob of honey as an alternative to sugar if you have a sweet tooth.

I do feel 'cleaner', as though I've just drunk a cup of internal jet spray (but for my intestines), as I don't feel as sluggish or bloated. Since I was still quite sceptical about the results, I sipped on and carried on... I have to emphasise that this tea is in no way to be used as a weight loss supplement or a 'liquid diet.' I definitely feel lighter and more refreshed after drinking the tea, so I think I will continue to drink it! However, I think I need to drink another batch, along with eating it with a balanced diet and regular exercise to really see the full benefits!

You can contact Mariya through to order your tea! :) 

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below! :)


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