Allah is Always with Me.

Hand on heart, *beat BEAT beat BEAT beat BEAT*. Blood pumped out into every depth of my body. And Allah is closer to me than my jugular. Always with me. Never leaving.

In the misty mist, from the air trails forming in swirls as I exhale, and then some more. In 'HHHhhh'.
And then from the crystal clear tears streaming down my face a river rippling so beautifully. More and more. Splish! Splash! Splosh! Pools collecting in the swathes of my headscarf. Now my headscarf is littered with splashes of my grief and happiness and joy and peace.

From the mysterious sparkles which don't show, but are within me. Sunshine and rainbows. Sunlight glistening through the tree branches. A beam of light upon my caramel face. Each eyelash a golden hair highlighted...And an entire universe captured within my iris.

A kaleidoscope of colours. Crimson, and azure and teal and magenta. Sparkling shiny. Entire universes in their own right, waiting to be unlocked and released and received.

Power of Allah. Allah give me peace and guide me and help me. Closer to me than my jugular. With every heartbeat, you are there, *beat BEAT beat BEAT beat BEAT beat BEAT beat*

Allah Hu Akbar, Al Hamdu Lillah and Subhan Allah constantly rolled out on those marble prayer beads. A cyclic symbol of my Love for You. And it was You all Along :)

*beat BEAT beat BEAT beat BEAT*


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