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I was delighted to receive these two scarves in the post when I returned home from work. And inside was a beautiful handwritten note with the following message:

"Aslam Alaykum Shayma.
Thank you for agreeing to do the reviews.
I hope you like the hijabs we sent you!
Feel free to write a totally honest review.

Rashda @ Hidden Pearls."

Wearability and Coverage
So below is my honest review :) The crinkle scarves themselves are really light in weight and this makes it super easy to drape, fold and adjust around your head. Since they are not flat, and are made in the crinkle style, this means you can achieve that natural just-whipped-it-on look that you can't really achieve with a flat style. The hijaabs were wide enough for me to cover my front neck and chest, whilst also leaving plenty of material to cover my nape. Thumbs up in that department!

Also, I find that crinkle hijaabs allow my scalp to breathe, which is much healthier than having all your hair matted down, or else straining. With some scarves, there can be pain in the ears after a whole day of wearing them, but not with these. With the really airy light feel of them, you seem to flow over your ears and head with ease and comfort.

I would recommend wearing these crinkle hijaabs if you are going for a casual look because of its material.
I would pair the Cardinal Red Crinkle Hijaab with a co-ordinating red lipstick, a white top and some jeans. Or, you could also pair it with an all-black outfit for a more 'evening' look. I wore this scarf in Autumn, and would wear it again in Spring/Summer as its light material would be better off then keeping you cool.

With the Golden Brown Crimp Hijaab, I would wear them with a pair of khaki trousers and camel coloured flats to keep with desert-inspired tones. This scarf does run the risk of getting caught in pins, because of the fibres, so I would keep the outfit look simple and free from diamonds! The warm texture would make it a perfect Autumn/Winter essential to cosy up in.

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Thanks for reading my review for Hidden Pearls! You can check out their website here: Hidden Pearls.

What are your favourite outfits to wear with hijaabs?

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