Clarendon Park Christmas Fair #throwback

This is the first time I'd been to a Clarendon Park Christmas Fair, (which is really silly considering
I've lived in Leicester my entire life.) I pulled my Dad and Sister along with me to go browsing. With me,I'm not much of a shopper, but I enjoy the opportunity to try out something new! Why not take up this opportunity? It was a free weekend, and something to do :)

It felt really quaint. And genuine. There's just something completely different about shopping at a fair, as opposed to shopping from a shop. Clarendon Park, boasting a host of charming little shops, has always been a hub for anyone in the search of precious items. The atmosphere seems more heartfelt and true, that a shiny shopping centre will never be able to I think. With over 50 local businesses *market*ing their products, I wasn't bored at all!

The stall which stood out to me was one which was selling baked goods. Gingerbread men with iced decorations, golden Rudolph cookies, slabs of traditional Victoria Sponge set out on china cake stands, its raspberry jam and cream squashed against the plastic wrapping. It really stood as a hearty and wholesome celebration of Christmas when compared to the 'high-end' glitzy things you could also buy.

What was so charming about this fair is that all the businesses were local, and the talent splayed out in the form of handmade cards, or knitted scarves really made me proud to be from Leicester. You could really sense the hard work that had gone into making these goods, as a family stood beaming behind their stalls, smiling with pride at their efforts. As I enjoyed peeling open hot roasted chestnuts, it was a festive treat to listen to some carol singers singing 'Silent Night' as the local community went about with their Christmas shopping.

The smell of hot sugary doughnuts in the cold winter air. The taste of homemade dark chocolate.  The bright lights from the teacups ride flashing cheerily. Children giggling (and nagging) their parents; 'Can we pleeeease go inside that shop?' The laughter of uni friends having met after studying.

Firstly, I dragged my Dad to a stall where a family were selling homemade candles set in those flowery/vintage teacups you'd find at your gran's house.Then we trotted along to another stall where they were selling handmade chocolate. And, much to my delight (and my Dad's too), we could 'take a sample dear!' Ha! I bet she regretted saying that! Free chocolate?? Yes please indeed. 

It was also touching to see that the fair captured the true charm of Leicester. Its multiculturalism. Even though this was a Christmas Fair, I didn't just see predominantly just the White or Christian community enjoying it. There was a whole mix of cultures and religions properly enjoying the market; a reflection of what Leicester is all about. And it very much reminded me of the Diwali Lights Switch On because everyone had descended to enjoy the festivities together

Will I be returning again? Yes I will. Only this time I'll be attending a LOT earlier...and will try and bag myself something from one of the local businesses. 

I hope you had a lovely time with your family, whatever you did :)
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