How to Lead a Team to Success. Because you were born to be a Winner! :)

"Lead by example."

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We are always leading, whether we realise it or not. When I say leader, I also mean the everyday leading we do, and not always in just a professional context. I was inspired by yesterday night's The Apprentice, and it got me thinking about qualities I think make a good leader!

We lead when we are coaching people. We are leading when we are speaking to people. We are leading when we are interacting with children. Today I've brought to you the following 10 tips:

1. Identify people's Strengths and Weaknesses. Amplify and compliment them on their strengths. This empowers them, builds their confidence, and also establishes a mutual respect between yourself and your team members. 

2. Ask them how they learn best. Then use these strategies to help them overcome their weaknesses. 

3. Thank people for both the little and big things they do. Often as leaders, we can become so focussed on the 'big' company objectives, that we forget that it's the 'little' behind-the-scenes actions which actually build up to the bigger successes. 

4. Delegate tasks to people in your team fairly and confidently. If they don't have the necessary skills to carry out the task, how do you expect them to fulfill it? 

5. Speak to your team members as an equal. Sure, you may be leading them professionally, but everyone is a person. Basic human respect never hurt anyone. 

6. Ask for feedback from your team members. Communicate. Sometimes leaders can become too engrossed in the 'Bigger Picture' that we forget the everyday, 'practical' side to things. You're in a team, so this arrangement/task is a joint effort. It has to work for everyone. 

7. Identify your Weaknesses and share it with your team. Your team-members know you're human. Not super-human. 

8. Reflect on what isn't going well for your team/task. Identify it. Why? How can you change your strategies? 

9. Know your stuff. As a leader, you're expected to educate your team and other colleagues about what they are being led on. If you can't teach it, don't preach it. And vice versa. Simple. Your team needs to know you're confident in what you're aiming for. 

10. Work on your own confidence. If you're confident, this will then radiate out to your team, leaving them more secure.

Hopefully you found the above tips really helpful. :)
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