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Here at Define Clothing, we provide the following services.


Did you find that the legwork is not quite fitting? Or the sleeves are longer than expected? Not a problem. 
This is a completely hassle-free service, and our seamstress can rework the material into shape within no time.

For the purposes of being able to provide you with the best alteration service, please do notify us within 7 days of purchasing your piece of clothing. 

We will ensure that your clothes are stitched to make the perfect fit for you.
This Alteration Service is applicable to clothing purchased in our store, and charges will vary according to the type of service required from us. 
We are here to make your clothing fit perfectly for you.
After all, you need to be comfortable, and it’s something we pride ourselves on...


As though the services were not splendid enough, we have our lovely Gift Wrapping Service.
Here at Define, we believe that Gift-Wrapping should be an experience in itself which adds to the excitement from the moment a person lays eyes on their gift.
They should look forward to unravelling the layers and revealing the surprise inside. So, if you wish to, we can wrap the clothes you purchase with care and thought using our beautiful boxes, rippling ribbon, and tissue paper. These can be twisted and knotted elegantly around your gift package.
Not only does this service lessen one thing on your “to-do” list, but these beautifully wrapped gifts can add impact toward a special occasion, and show your gentle shows of affection toward a special someone.
If you don’t know what to buy, this can be easily solved purchasing a Gift Card online and in-store. Then simply come to our store and redeem this toward an item of clothing or accessory. 

Since we aim to please, our gift-wrapping service can be finished off with a touching personalised message. And no-one has to know it is you. One of our team can handwrite a message in your name.

We won’t let on if you don’t. It’s a secret between us...Shhhhh!


At Define, our personal styling will be your very own revitalising experience, wrapping you in swathes of love and attention.      

We are here to tailor to your needs, ready to give you attention, and to ensure your shopping experience is a truly satisfying one.
We will advise you on the flattering colours, textures and tones, before completing your look with some stylish statement pieces.
We aim to create a look for to suit any occasion; wedding guest to winning interview candidate. 
There is a special Lady in you all, whatever shape, style and size, from the bonny slims to the fuller figure. From the more casual dresses, to the gown in full flow, a product will be suited for everyone.
We very much wait to be graced by your presence.

Give your wardrobe the refreshing it desires. 

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 You can find us at:

156 East Park Road


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