| Body Shop Members Night! 8th November |

It was really lovely to be back at The Body Shop. But this time as a pampered customer and not an employee with targets to meet! Haha! The atmosphere was really chilled out, and it was a lovely touch to be welcomed with sparkly drinks and nibbles (Why thank you :) ).

Games and Gift Season Specials
This year's theme was quick to spot because it was bold, bright and striking. COLOoooouuuuR. And lots of it. Colour everywhere! When in previous years, there were classic Christmas prints; delicate trees and gentle snowmen, this was the opposite. It seems The Body Shop, along with their re-branding have also modernised their Christmas jazz.

Their Christmas campaign is 'Play for Peace' in collaboration with International Alert, where a small donation is made to countries to re-build play areas for refugee children in war-zone areas. A worthy cause methinks to restore a child's smile :) 

All of the gift packaging had strong designs of diagonals, with the typeface being a quirky mixed-font. The gift packaging was funky and something that would fit right into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (if Willy Wonka sold Beauty and Skincare products.) 

The famous Beauty Advents were back, with each door revealing a goodie behind it. Whoever said calendars were only for children? ;) Imagine the excitement of opening a door each evening to reveal a Mango Body Butter, or a Grapefruit Au Du Toilette...! This takes me back to the times when my Dad used to buy me an advent calendar when I was a girl. And each night I'd savour that little slab of chocolate, giddy with festive cheer. 

I think my favourite Christmas Gift has got to be this Wonder Cube puzzle because its fun-factor keeps right in spirit with the party season. I can see this product fitting right into post-Christma
s lunch banter and fun what with trying to solve the cube (and solving it of course.) Tadah! I solved it :) 

I found that this year's gift selection is really special because each gift has that childlike element of playfulness and giggles attached to it. It allows you to re-live the wonder and magic of Christmas that resonates with childhood. That anticipation. That excitement. The oooohs and aaaaahs!! :) 

With the campaign that The Body Shop have opted for this year, I think it's quite fitting. There's a sense of unity in that we all enjoy having fun, and more importantly, we all deserve it.

Frosted Plum Raaaave

If you don't know, then The Body Shop always releases three Festive Scents in honour of Christmas. This year's was the Vanilla Chai, Frosted Plum, and Frosted Cranberries. The Frosted Plum gets my vote. It's sweet, but has that fruity-sourness to balance it out which makes for a 'zingy' scent. And then you have floral undertones of apricot blossom which makes this scent very feminine and pretty.
the fact that it's my favourite colour (purple), also helps :)

I do have one complaint to make, and it's that the Glazed Apple from two years ago didn't make it in the festive selection :( Please bring it back Body Shop! I would like to re-stock those supplies as they're quickly diminishing. Boo hoo. 

The Body Shop is (always) a sensory explosion. The colours. The smells. The textures. From the smooth silky lotions to the grainy scrubs. From the sophisticated matte eyeshadows, to the more fun sparkly lip glosses. From the gentle Aloe Vera to the sharp citrus Pink Grapefruit! The products are really dynamic and exciting to explore. With 30% off all of the products, some essentials, and a goodie bag, I was definitely a happy bunny having attended the event :)

I have filmed a vlog, but there're some technical glitches going on. If it gets sorted, I shall upload to my instagram :) 
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