|My Favourite Autumn Perfumes|

Ahh here it is! Autumn 2017 has come around so quickly! Where has the year gone? It's October already. Soon the witches'll be flying across the sky and the fireworks will be sparkling. Gone are the warm evenings, and time to say hello to the cold days, hot chocolates and blankets :) 

With the changing time, I'm going to share with you my favourite perfumes I like to spritz on in Autumn. After all, it's always lovely to have different scents for different seasons :) :)

Brazil Nut Eau De Toilette 

This is a rich, creamy smell, with hints of toffee. You get hit with a short burst of sweetness, and then the undertones of caramel/toffeeish come wafting through. Think Werther's Original in a bottle. It's lovely if you want to be wrapped in a 'homely' 'safe' smell. 
The one drawback is that this scent is exclusively available in The Body Shop sales. So, you'll have to hit the shops at those specific times of the year. Sorry guys! :) 

DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum

Presented in a fun twisted top bottle, this scent will make you want to jump into a bucket full of apples.  There's no other word for it. This perfume is juicy. It's so fresh and ZINGY, which makes it really fun to wear. It definitely smells of green apples, and literally feels like the first bite when apple juice bursts from the fruit. Even though it's such a statement scent, it's not overpowering. The lovely touch is that the spherical bottle fits into your hand like an apple would. Very clever ;) 

Autumn is really a time when all three types of scents can be worn; woody, fruity and floral. From sandalwood to salted caramel and almonds to apple, make sure that the notes in your perfumes reflect that specific time of year for a gorgeous sensory experience. 

What are your favourite perfumes to wear at this time of year? 


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