|LUSH Halloween and Christmas Launch event 5th October| #foreveragainstanimaltesting

Sharp citrus and soap tingled my nose as soon as I approached Lush. The atmosphere was bright and cheery; much like the festive goodies gracing the walls! Everywhere I looked, I was greeted with cheery cerises and acid limes. Zig-zags and spots. Swirls and stars. There were bloggers and Lush fans alike, chatting away. "...and then I wash my hair after!"
"Really? That's really cool! I'll have to try that!"

 (Need I mention that the air was sprinkled with plenty of "ooohs!" and "aaaahs!" )

There was (of course) curiosity about the new Xmas/Halloween goodies.

"Where are they!?"
"What would the products be?"
 (And most importantly),
"When could we start playing with them!?"

Seasonal Products

ASAP was the answer. Feast your eyes on this Sparkly Pumpkin Bath Bar :) (I'm always partial to a bit of glitter). Little did I know that whilst innocent ol' me would be having a curious smell (grapefruit and lime), my entire black scarf would become covered in this. I'd been officially Pumpkin'd. Dang it :P The smell is tantalisingly uplifting, as though someone's sent rockets through your nose! :P


Eager Beaver me wanted to look at all the products, and play with them. I poked a Jelly Snowman to my heart's content before moving on to play with this Christmas Cracker. Infused with Lime and Neroli oils, it sure brought my nose to life instantly! Would you dare try a bath bar that contains popping candy? Its crumbly, rough texture doubles as an exfoliating agent, making it a perfect seasonal skincare treat. I think it's safe to say that citrus smells are what I am drawn to :)

I had plenty of fun getting to know other bloggers, and it was great to know that there were other individuals I could relate to :)!

What would a trip to Lush be without a fancy demo? It's always mesmerising when the Bath Bomb melts and an entire galaxy fizzes into life. Pinks and purples effervescing to create a colourful concoction. I had a great time talking to the Lush staff, and browsing the products. It never fails to disappoint, and the energy is always upbeat. I was like a child in a sweetshop (young lady in a bath shop), trying to take in all the patterns and smells and colours, and alas there wasn't enough time to explore everything.

This shop does one thing well. It brings you to life. It refreshes you. It cheers you up :)
The seasonal products launch w/c 9th October, so head on over to Lush and check them out :)

What's your favourite Lush product?



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