Autumn Is...

A crisp crimson, lime, and lemon fabric

Embroidered with brown beads

Swathing the ground

Like little handshakes come down to greet the Earth

A layered lattice criss-crossing

Hugging and embracing

Each finger wrapped around another’s

Fallen to reveal the spindly skeleton

Ready for new growth

Reaching readily to the heavens

Apple, orange and cinnamon sprinkles in the air

A dusting of scent

As if shaken from Above

Little round orange people leering at passers-by

A fire burning within

The shrieking of witches, as their fly away hair trails

And treat bags spilling over at the brim, shiny wrappers flapping in the wind

A million diamonds burst with energy and life!

Scattered majestically across the midnight sky

Electric and alive

Whilst a man burns in furious fires

A crowd gathered to cheer his death

Burn! Burn! Burn!

Sparkling pink, purple and silver

A girl wraps her gloved hands around a cup of hot chocolate

Laced with salted caramel

The steam rising in intricate swirls

And slowly disappearing like an unopened letter

The swish of a silk sari

Strewn with sequins

Shots of silver thread rippling through it

Whooshed over a shoulder confidently,

Gracefully falling in waves and pools across a bonny

The rainbow of bangles on her caramel wrist

 Tinkling like little bells.

Her forehead adorned with a gem.

Chunks and chunks of indian sweets

Spirals, Diamonds and flowers

Pink, orange and green

Either littered with luxurious nuts

Or else frosted over with silver

Bulging out of plastic wrapping

Waiting to greet the party guests

Syrup dripping its culture everywhere.


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