Gold Souk and Genie: Sleek Arabian Nights Eyeshadow Palette Review

I finally bought it! There I was, walking into Superdrug with a mission. Grinning with excitement. The product was mine. MINE!!!! I’d wanted to buy it for ages, and I couldn’t wait to try it at home. I finally talked myself into using it at a wedding. (I like to save ‘special’ products for an occasion before using it.) :P Let me tell you, I was a really happy bunny. So happy in fact, I thought I’d burst into confetti if I didn’t calm down.

The Sleek mineral-based eyeshadow palette comes in 12 different shades of varying colours. The colours are really sophisticated and ‘mysterious.’ At first sight I thought hmm...they’re really dark and moody, but actually many of the shades of green and blue are quite vibrant. Depending which shades you combine together, you can achieve a day time look as well.

I like the fact that you have a shimmery flesh tone ‘Scheherazade’s Tale’ to give your eyelids a popping brightness in the inner corner or as a base, and then you have the charcoal-dark ‘1001 Nights’ at the other end of the spectrum to create a cut crease or smoky look. Who invents these shade names hey? Just the names (Simbad’s Seas, Sultan’s Garden...) make me want to start playing around with the emeralds and blues!

With a soft, velvety concentrated pigment, the shades slide on really well. And you only need a small amount! When I wore Valley of Diamonds at a wedding, the gold glitter within it stood out, and was still visible after a long 4 hours. Perfect for a hot summer’s day. At no point did I need to re-apply this eye shadow because of any ‘fall-out.’ Guess what this means? You only need a small amount to work it along the eyelids! Would I still use a primer before the shadow? Yes I would. It just helps to neutralise the eyelid colour. 

The casing itself is really strong, with the entire inner lid encasing a mirror.
I’d recommend this product because it oozes with style, sophistication and smartness.
Don’t you just love the satisfaction of a great long-awaited buy?  


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