5 reasons why you need to follow your Dreams. (ASAP!)

Do you ever remember back to your childhood, when you had a million or so dreams, and then you would daydream and (literally) dream about fulfilling all those things you’d like to do? The dreams of becoming a chocolate inventor, an author, a games designer, or an artist? We didn’t give any thought to the practicalities of it. You weren’t worried about how the bills would be paid, or about salaries. It was your heart’s desire, and there you were, hopeful and full of promise on fulfilling them.
And then you grew up and life happened. Things you had once dreamed of doing then became discarded as childish or embarrassing. 

I hear your mind wandering: "Is she mad?? Leave my job? Go backpacking!?" No :) I asked you to follow your dream; I know we all have responsibilities!! :) And who knows? Maybe your dream could turn into a career...
I will tell you one thing.
Your dreams were a creation of your most innocent, and therefore purest self. They are the things that really make you happy. Dig deeper into what those dreams mean to you, and your motives behind them. Do they show that you would like to progress? That you would like to travel? That you need a career change? You weren’t self-conscious then about what others would think. Chase your dreams even if people think you're silly for it. Below is a list giving you 5 reasons why you need to follow your Dreams.
You are naturally going to be drawn toward 
something which you enjoy, are curious about and makes you happy. When you do this, not only will this add to your happiness, your competence will only bring you more confidence. And the good news is, the more you do it, the better you get, the higher the levels of confidence.

Following on from my previous point, 
knowing that you are enjoying something, or have the potential to achieve something will motivate you further; firstly in the pursuit of it, secondly, in the perseverance when obstacles arise.

Dreams. But once you begin to pursue them, they manifest and you realise that there is potential in you to achieve it. Not to mention that you’ll be increasing your skill set. And who knows? Maybe this will open up other doors of opportunities. This leads me to my next point quite neatly.

Self-Growth and Improvement
Humans are naturally inclined to grow. To
improve what exists and move onto the next step. To become more sophisticated. Otherwise you’d just be stuck. There and stagnant. Your Dreams allow you to work toward something and in the process learn new things. This is great for yourself personally and is something to add to the CV.
Pleasure and fun!
 Do it just because it makes you happy :) Sometimes we don’t need a big reason.

Whatever your dreams are, as big as launching your own business, or as small as learning how to decorate cakes, please please dream!! :) Because without dreams, we’d have nothing to look forward to:) 



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