Why it's important to Be Yourself!

It is hard. HARD. To Be You. To Be yourself. Especially for girls (I think) in a world where at the click of a button, Instagram and Snapchat open up portals and access to the photos of so many gorgeous girls. You’re constantly measuring yourself up against other people and where they are in their lives.
“She’s so pretty.
She’s so smart.
She’s so clever.
She’s so brainy.
She’s so witty.
She’s so talented.
She’s so confident.
She’s so special.
She’s so glamorous.”
*goes to sleep helplessly*

And it IS hard to not play the comparison game. Because subconsciously, this constant exposure and intake of media suddenly makes you question ‘Well...should I be doing that?’ ‘Should I be more chatty?’ ‘Perhaps I’m not pretty enough?’ ‘Perhaps I’m not clever enough?’ ‘Should I try harder?’ ‘Am I not good enough if this is the standard for the 21st century?’

But the trap is that we’re comparing everybody’s ‘Front’ with our Realities. On the surface, someone may look all *enter positive description*, but behind that, we really don’t know what struggles and battles they’re fighting. What insecurities they’re playing with. What they look like “Behind the Scenes” so to speak.

I think we, as girls, need to start appreciating ourselves, for all the great things we are, and not put ourselves down in comparison to other girls’ highlights. We’re kind. We’re compassionate. We’re sensitive and strong. We’re brave. We’re honest. You’re YOU. YOUnique.
Something which can’t be captured on Instagram. Be You.

If you are socially-selective, don’t feel the need to talk to everyone. If normally you’re cheerfully bubbly, that’s great.

Be open-minded to new experiences, take risks, but at the same time, don’t compromise your morals and values. Don’t lose yourself in the process of people-pleasing. Stay true to, and be happy in who you are. That’s the only way you’ll be confident and genuine. That’s also the only way you’ll attract the right people into your life. Grow. Develop yourself. Improve yourself. It’s the only way you’ll flourish.

Work on your Weaknesses, and amplify your Strengths.
There’s only one you. Water your own garden before admiring the flowers in someone else’s.

Why you’d like to be anyone else is beyond me.


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