Peace by Peace

Peace. We all crave it. In the modern day life of chasing promotions, professions and possessions, sometimes I feel as though we tend to forget the one ‘P’ we direly miss. Peace. 

Peace in the sense of harmony. 
Peace in the sense of balance. 
Peace in the sense of an inner-wellbeing. 
And Peace just in the sense of...just being. Just...floating. 
To not...want.
To...just be.
Just Be.

Someone commented to me ‘It's a glorious Friday afternoon. The wind’s making the trees flutter.’ And I looked at them in confusion. At first. And then I realised what they were getting at. They were asking me to observe nature, and in doing so, bringing a stillness, a peace toward me.

And that’s when it happened. I wouldn’t say that it was the moment I’d *changed*, Lord no! But I would definitely say it was the point where I felt ‘permission’ to not be busy. To not be doing something. And just be. This is what they meant. Just be. To allow each day to bring what it would bring, and go with the flow.

As a Muslim, this resonates with my Faith so well too, because Peace literally translates into ‘Salaam’, the manner in which Muslims greet one another. They wish ‘Peace’.
(Not the 50 Cent kind  :P) But the spiritual-calm-relaxing kind of ‘Peace.’ 

And it’s weird, Peace really does come together ‘Piece by piece.’ Or you could say ‘Peace by Piece.’ The ‘Piece’ being a Day, or your daily habits, or your routines, where these small things all collected together amount to Peace.

As I’ve grown (okay I’m only 25, not some old, toothless, wizened grandma in her rocking chair contemplating Life, but what the hell?), ‘Peace’ means being okay with where I am in the Present, whilst working toward what I want for my Future, but at the same time, learning to be okay with not being okay all the time. To not have it all figured out. And cross bridges when I come across them, rather than destroying my inner-peace right now with wanting to leap over ALL the bridges in one massive freakin’ leap.

To believe in the process. 

Does that make sense?


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