20 ways to comfort an upset child. From :'( to :-D

My neice and I

Mini-humans are some of the most amazing, intelligent and funny things to walk this planet. And then sometimes they throw a tantrum and start crying “because the ice-cream finished!!” No, they do not have in-built ‘Turn to Happy Mode’ button, so here is a list I’ve made from my Teaching and Aunty-ing experiences on ways to calm a child.
  1.  Ask them if they’d like a cuddle. “Would you like a hug?” Then respond accordingly. Let the child hug you, so they can take their time when they’re ready. *hug. Pat pat pat “awwww, there there...”*
  2. Hold their hand and give it a little squeeze.
  3. Stroke their face.
  4. Wipe their tears away. “Don’t spoil this pretty/handsome face with these tears.”
  5. Take them for a little walk and tell them how amazing they are.
  6.  Let them calm down, and then proceed to ask what has upset them
  7.  Clear instructions: “I would like you to wash your face and have a drink of water.”
  8.  “Would you like a chat? Tell me why you’re crying.”
  9.  “Do you need some calming time/your comfort blanket?
  10.   “...Beta/ Bachoo” (Urdu/Gujrati term for 'child/little one.')
  11. Crack a really dumb joke. “Oh my goddness! There’re rivers coming out of your eyes!
  12.  Say something funny. “ *whisper* I can see some boogers coming out of your nose!” 
  13.   Rub their back.
  14.   Distraction always works a treat. Show them something interesting out of the window and strike up a conversation about it.
  15.   use a puppet as a mediator between yourself and the child. Children treat puppets like real children.
  16.   Read them a story for them to get lost in a happy world.
  17. Chide the thing they hurt themselves on. “Silly table! How dare you bump into *enter name of child*...tables these days!! No respect for children!”
  18. .  Pull funny faces. Children find it really amusing that an adult is being comedic with them!
  19.  Get down with the kids. If they’re whining, talk just like them. They’ll realise how annoying it sounds.
  20. “Go and show your plaster to all your friends. Look how brave you are! You’re like a hero in a film!     
I’ve found that if you stay calm and collected (even if you’re frantically panicking inside because you don’t know why this child is crying), the child will feel secure and sense your calmness. Then they’ll calm down. And everyone’s happy happy. 

Till my next post, keep smiling :)


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