What’s in a Cup of Tea?


A Cup of Tea.
Swirling sugar into the brown tornado,
Like little magical diamonds, 
working their way into the folds of the golden ocean
Which softens and sighs, 
through the calms and the highs
along, with its Drinker.
And like the comments and calamities it is privy to,
It too feels like a mini storm brewing in a bone-china vessel,
The tea-bag being the sail which swirls this way and that,
Pushed along, and crashed into the cup.
Jabbed with a metal spoon fishing-rod as tears and smiles
splash into the cup.
The Angry Lover frustrated at the dilemma. 
Or else the tea-bag dances this way and that,
If the Drinker is feeling merry and peaceful.
The tea-bag, almost like a ballerina, swirling beautifully,
Releasing its passion and flavour into the sea.
Caramel drops ooze out again, adding a burst of life to the stale sea.
Berry, Mint, Ginger and Apple.
Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Passion.
But all the while, protected snugly in two warm hands,
Like a new-born baby cradled in the arms of its Mother.
None shall touch it.
It is safe.
The witness to so many conversations and decisions,
Marriages, careers, celebrations, farewells, get-well-soons.
The point of no-return.
The point where Life goes in 

Your Cup of Tea witnesses this. 


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