“Not my daughter you bitch!” The Lioness-Gryffindor Mothers in Harry Potter.

When you hear the word ‘Harry Potter’, you 
automatically think of magic, spells and potions. Rarely does anyone think ‘Motherly Love.’ This is really sad because it is actually true, pure, selfless love which drives the entire series and overthrows Voldemort. I’m here to bring to you a theme which I think goes really unrecognised when it comes to discussions about the brilliant franchise. So this Mother’s Day, I’d like to draw your attention to the fabulous, strong, committed and warm mothers whose efforts and actions are just as, if not, more significant when compared to the plentiful wand-duelling and Battles that the series is littered with.

Number 1 Lioness: Lily Potter.

Lily’s motherly love causes her to sacrifice herself 
in an effort to allow Harry to survive. She literally shields Harry from Voldmeort’s Killing Curse, throwing her arms out in despair to prevent her baby from being murdered. The beauty is that even when she dies, her ‘Love’ protects Harry from harm’s path because her Protections now survives within him. How else do you think Harry made so many narrow escapes from Voldemort?

Number 2 Lioness: Molly Weasley. 

Or ‘Mollywobbles’ as Arthur calls her when they’re alone, is my favourite Lioness for a multitude of reasons. Even though she threatens her children with their Father’s wrath, it’s actually her that they are more scared of. When she finally gets some more ‘bad-ass’ moments in HP6 and 7, we can finally see how Molly isn’t *just* some plump little housewife, but that she is also a skilled dueller and actually kills the ‘bitch’, Bellatrix Lestrange.

Number 3. So this isn’t so much ‘Lioness’, but she is 
still a Mother, and again, 
it is Motherly Love which leads to the ultimate downfall of Voldemort. Yep. Narcissa Malfoy. 

She and her family are avid supporters of the 'Dark Side', but at this point she is only concerned 
about one thing. Draco. Her Son. Her only child.  She asks Harry quietly (who we all think is dead, Voldemort has sent Narcissa to "double-check" that Harry is indeed dead. 

The only thing she whispers into Harry's ear is: 
"Draco. Is he alive?" Harry nods. And its that little all important nod which probably is THE most important action in the entire series. Narcissa's instinct is to be reunited with her Son. She no longer cares about Voledmort's plight. Narcissa's "Yes. He's dead" almost serves as a two-fingers-up at Voldemort. Voldy, who is so keen to show off that Harry is 'dead' then takes his entire army and goes back to Hogwarts. It's here then that Neville kills the last remaining part of Voldy's soul (Nagini the snake has her head sliced off), and Harry uses the Killing Curse on Voldemort.In short, Harry was saved by the love of a Mother, not once, but twice. 

If there's anything Harry Potter has taught me, it's 
how to love your children fiercely. I'd be willing to put myself in harms way (Lily Potter), be tortured (Alice Longbottom), challenge a "bitch" (Molly Weasley), and face horrible people (Tonks Lupin) if it meant my babies were safe and sound. It's just the natural mothering instinct, and every animal does so. It's also interesting how Tonks Lupin ends up dying for Teddy, in the same way Lily died for Harry. It's like a full-circle. Which nature is; it's a circle. 

I hope you had a lovely time celebrating Mother's Day with your Mummies!! :) 


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