Family dates, Friend dates. Damn, I even date myself sometimes. (because why not?)


I say date your friends. Date your family. Date your grandparents. But most importantly, date yourself. Date yourself babes ;) It is SO important to do this. A 'date' is essentially some precious, allocated time set aside to spend time with yourself and someone significant in your life. To get to know someone better. You are special and significant. And by dating yourself, you become so self-aware, and know exactly what makes you happy. And what your needs are. What makes you tick? What kind of people do you need in your life? By dating yourself, you also become ridiculously emotionally independent. Sure, other people can always add to your happiness. ADD. Not create. Your happiness comes from within you.

This significant 'Other' is always assumed to be a romantic interest. Why?

WHY wait for a 'Romantic' special Other? Why wait for someone who's thoughts make your heart go all a'flutter, turn your brains to scrambled eggs and your legs turn to jelly? You have plenty of Significant Others in your life Right. Here. Right Now. Because, at the end of the day, this Other Whole will only fulfill certain 'happiness' needs of yours. They have a role to play in your life which other Significant people won't be able to fulfill, in the same way your friends and family won't be able to give you the same happiness that this Other Whole can. Everyone has their own type of happiness, respect, and love to give you :)

I think as a society, we can place too much significance on this 'Other Half.' I don't believe in Other Halves anyway. I believe in Other Wholes. That lovely dress? Wear it. Why are you 'saving' it? Who for? The luxurious lipstick and lip gloss. Wear it. Your lips need attention right now. That hairdo? Gotta to be done. And it is even better when you have done it for yourself.

Personally, I like the fact that because I wear a scarf, its like a little secret I am hiding. Keeping safe. And only I know. And only I can decide who gets to see the loveliness beneath. Pull out all those stops right now. I think when you fall in Love with God, and everything He has to offer you, you become this heightened version of yourself. It's a VERY beautiful place to be :)

I am going to wear my sexy heels, and my sparkly scarves and wear carefully applied make-up all the time. Because daaaayyym, I'm going to be Going Out Out for me. And then I'm going to look myself in the mirror, totally vainly and say 'Damn you gorgeous thing! SO adorable.' Because I'm so glad God made me beautiful, and I'm grateful for it :) I might even flash myself a wink when I check myself out in the mirror.

 As for this 'Going Out Out' bag, I'm going to continue rocking it with my outfits. I can't control people's thoughts, so...let people wonder if I have a romantic interest or no. After all, people like to speculate and well...people always wonder and gossip regardless of how squeaky-clean you are anyway.


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