My Valentines all "wrapped up" in a PhotoLog.

Who needs Sharm-el-Sheikh when you have Shai Sheikh and a Mummy? 
Since it's the last Sunday of February 2016, I thought it'd be quite sweet to to have a throwback to the major event in the February month. Valentines.

So. I had a little Find-A-Date-Dilemma. As a true romantic, I pray my future date will be both cultured, and an artist in some way. And someone where I think 'I'm at home', because I'll feel safe and calm. Also, to be an artist, you need emotion, creativity, style, passion, and commitment. And I think those are preeeeety hot qualities to look for in a Man.  

Where in Leicester will I possibly find such a cool date? And then it hit me! *DING DING DING!!* Being a nerd, I thought, what better way to spend it than at a Museum and Art Gallery. Cultured= Museum. Artist=Art Gallery

NEW WALK MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY. DUH. (New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, 53 New Walk, Leicester LE1 7EA), situated in a beautiful, leafy area a stones throw from the City Centre. Staring me in the face all along. AND they had an exhibition on about Gujarati people coming to Leicester. How much more 'homely' do I get than that?? I had SUCH a cool timeeeeeeee!! Scroll below to check out my fun, geeky, and bloody awesome Valentines date. Oh yeahhhh!!! *geek shades on*  

No more words. Just enjoy my photo diary :) 






 Also, that ocean there next to the red line on the map is the Arabian Sea. AND, I found out that traders and sellers from Arabia settled in India, so.....there's the possibility that I MAY have descended from Arab people. Explains alot. The thick eyebrows. The tendency to be drawn to Arabic 'dabke' music and culture in general, AND...the second name. 'Sheikh'. 'Sheikh' is not a Gujarati,  Indian word. It's an Arab word. So at some point, we must have adopted the surname and carried it on through. There you have it! 

My Valentines was absolutely lovely, hope yours was too!! :) 


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