Chocolate makes everything better!! :)


It's no mistake that chocolate is a MAJOR guilty pleasure. When consumed, it releases "feel-good" chemicals, endorphins, which make us feel happy :) And who doesn't want to feel happy all the time? Zat is my birthday cake in the picture. (But this was a couple of years ago now) :) WHOO hooo all the same. 

Sometimes, life is good. Sometimes life is bad. That's the nature of Life. That's the nature of Nature. It's all a cycle :) BUT, that's probably another blog post in its own right. My point is, EAT CHOCOLATE all the time. Not like, scoff-down-an-entire-bar and cry when you break out in facial spots! But, everything in moderation :) Treat yourself to a little piece every day. It really IS true, chocolate makes everything better. Read on.... 

1. (THIS is my favourite chocolate dessert) The 'Chocolate Volcano' from Madison's on Highfield's Street. YUUUUUM. It's an innocent looking cake, and then the chocolate sauce oozes out from the inside. 

2. As some writing on a celebration cake... 

3. As a dusting in the lovely Mint Mocha...


4.As ice-cream. And Nutella sauce in a Ferrero Rocher Cookie Dough (which also contains chocolate chips). This is from Koyla's Sweet Treats Dessert Parlour next to the Empire.  


5. Again, as sauce on Belgian Waffles. CakeSmiles on East Park Road! 


6. Or...Islamic Relief's Cakes4Syria epic chocolate fudge cake!!! 




8. As a coating on glittery profiteroles ;)


9. As a cake topper. 


10. To decorate around a friend's birthday cake :)


11. To eat all month round ;)


12. Hot Chocolate. Mmmmm. A warm cuddle for the mouth.


13. And if all else fails, wrap yourself in something chocolate. And wear chocolat-y eye-shadow. I like my chocolate scarf :D :) :P 


So there it is! Chocolate makes my world rock. I personally also like Hotel Chocolat's Ginger Chocolate. It's yumaaaay. 

What rocks your world? Take care all *big smiles* 


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