Dear #MidlandsMassive,I'm glad I gave you guys a grilling. Love you guys :)

Displaying Screenshot_2015-12-26-00-18-19-1.pngDisplaying Screenshot_2015-12-26-00-18-19-1.pngDear #MidlandsMassive, 

You will recall that nearly a year ago we had our first ever f2f meeting at University. It was during that meeting that the reps from each team were discussing ideas, throwing out words, and then delegating to the rest of the team what they would like the rest of us to do. 
Then. Then it was my turn to say something.   

"Shai...ok. What do you need to say for Team MM?"      

"Well." And then I became interested in my bag all of a sudden...

 "THIS is what I need to say. *holding my phone up* 

Frankly I'm pretty disappointed in the lack of Facebook/Twitter posts and pics. I want live updates. This is the power of social media and communication. We can do better than this. We have a lot of work to do. And I don't think we are reaching our full potential. Now, I'd like everyone to take out their phones and start posting, please. I'll be checking the page. Thanks. That's all really." *sniff*

And then I stared you all down, looking at you in the face, disappointed. Lol! :P
 It might have seemed harsh at first, but I had a job to do, it was my first time, and it needed to be done properly. Mariya was helping from Spain, and Yasmeen from Birmingham, so you need to understand that the MM responsibility in Leicester fell to me solely. I have no apologies because it made you stronger with social media. 

That's what the Mum in every team does. She grills them when she knows they have untapped potential. I am SO so proud of each and every one of you, that my heart wants to burst with pride and shower into glitter and fireworks. 
(Yes, even you Qasim, Mr I-Swear-I-Was-Trying-To-Remember-Everyone's-Name.) Couldn't *look down on you* anymore than literally possible :P 

I'm glad I pushed you to work harder and smarter, as this allowed YOU guys to be recognised for the wonderful, super-talented and genuinely awesome people you are. 

YOU guys are now known as the 'Dream Team', the 'ones that everyone looks up to for inspiration and motivation.' And do you know what? This is what a member from the NATIONAL board said. You guys are THE region everyone looks up to :) Compare our social presence now, to previous years. And it's all YOUR hard work, sweat and tears. Be proud of who you developed into :) 

I hope this public bigging up more than makes up for the private grilling I gave you. Also, thanks for pushing me to do Snowdon. Yes, bookworms DO do outdoor crazy things. The shock (!) You guys taught me that when fear ends, epic scenes can be viewed from the top :)

To Abdulsalam, thanks for being the Grandad Geriatric Techno. You really must invest in some flatcaps and cigars now. 

To Noorjahan, your name means 'Light of the World', and you really did emanate the light of wisdom all over us. 

To Chima, being a Secretary is underrated, I really appreciate all the unnoticed hard work that goes on in the background.

Love you all my superstar family :) :) *h5 all around* 

Lots of love and duaahs, 


P.S Yes...even YOU "Claire Elgaziari",  if you exist. 



  1. Awww :') , thank you for grilling up. I know I didn't do very much :( , may Allah bless all our efforts, even if it is very very little.


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