LouLou's Vintage Fair. Dorothy and Scarecrow get together. Finally.

*Fiddles with dial on radio. Judy Garland starts crooning*

I had the pleasure of blogging for Lou Lou's Vintage Fair . It was located at the beautiful Grand Mercure Hotel on Granby Street. It was SUCH a great day! I was excited when I arrived to see plenty of teacups, classy dresses and to of course, begin my challenge.


My challenge was to put together an outfit for £30 or under. Hmm....so this is when my head tapping began, and I started asking myself some questions. WHO was I putting an outfit together for? WHAT were they dressing for? And then, lo and behold, as if the lights of inspiration (don't ask) came down from the glittering roofs of the Mercure Hotel itself, it hit me.

DOROTHY AND SCARECROW DATE. My favourite tale. I am at a Vintage Fair. What could be better?

Outfit 1 from Mooch Vintage
Dress: £20
Handbag: £10

 And then because I enjoyed this challenge, I was tempted to do an...

Outfit 2: 

This time, I chose a lightweight grey dress. I wanted something a tad offbeat, so I went for this dress especially because of the triangular print it holds. Teamed with the royal blue hat and shoes, it came to £28.

Dorothy even had £2 left over to gift Scarecrow a tie. Traditional courting. How sweet :)

I even went the extra mile and picked out an EMERALD ring for Dorothy. He finally gave her a ring , so she gave him a ring with the help of Rose Tinted Vintage :P Ring...phone...call...ring...get it?? OHHHH darn it :P


There was plenty to see, and it was right up my street. From the vintage clothing, to the beautiful shabby chic suitcases, and plenty of quot-y pieces to have as a keepsake. As if this hadn't been enough of an awesome day, I came across THIS, yes THIS as I was about to leave. ARGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tis destiny I believe. WIZARD OF OZ TEA COASTERS from Forsaken Dreams

You know what? There were simply too many awesome things to see. For more insights, stay tuned for what else I saw at the vintage fair...and possibly an Outfit 3 *cheeky grin*

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Love and Prayers,



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