It's My Wedding and I'll Wear a Scarf If I Want To

You know how it goes. As soon as a 'scarf waali' gets engaged, the cogs start turning. What does her hubby look like? Does he have a beard because she wears a scarf? (Because of course, only scarves and beards pair up like) But how did they meet? Was it arranged? (Big shock, even girls in scarves 'date'. Shopping.... Cinemas... Ice-cream. Water-fights. Joking about the last one there. But surely my covered hair doesn't also literally blanket over any autonomy to get to know Mr Whoever.) I wonder if he is also 'religious'? (whatever 'religious' means. But will they have music at the wedding?

Yep....and then the million-dollar question. WILL SHE TAKE HER SCARF OFF? OMG!! *Cue dramatic Indian sound effects with the doosh doosh doosh*

I'm not going to tell you to do anything or dress any which way. The only criteria I have for any bride is this: Your Day. Your Way. As long as the main people (in my opinion: you, your other half, yours and his parents) have come to a good compromise, let go of what others think. Chances are, the way others may have executed their big day isn't to your taste. In the same way, don't expect your wedding day to cater to everyone else's taste.

With the rise of so many great hijab companies catering for brides who want to wear a scarf and accessorise on their wedding without 'showing' any skin, there is always a choice for you available. I went to a friend's wedding where she didn't wear her scarf in the 'Henna/Mehndi party', because it was strictly ladies only, and we danced the night away. The next day however, with the wedding being a mixed event, she had her scarf styled to cover and wore a neck piece so her cleavage wouldn't show. Et voila! The best of both worlds.

I've also been to another friend's wedding where the whole wedding was segregated, and said friend looked angelic with her hair pinned up in a Cinderella bouffant and a sleeveless gown. Literally ideal conditions to 'let your hair down.' As did all the other women in the suite. (Yes, and we rocked the dance floor away then too.)

What better way to burn off some bakhlava and wedding cake?

Love and Peace,




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