What's in a Sujood?

Poster inside the Sister's Prayer room at DMU

Sujood: The act of prostration and when one is said to be closest in connection to Allah.

What's in a Sujood?
Allahu Akbar (God is Great)
Closed eyes
Whispered thoughts
Praying for those exams to go well
Hoping for that job interview
Should I do this? Or should I do that?
Thank you for everything so far
That interview went so well!
I got the job!
Why did you put me through that? I am not strong enough for this.
Yes! I got onto the course I wanted!
I've had a breakthrough!
Tears on an eyelash
Please, God
Thank you SO SO much!! Eeeeeek! Thank you for smiling on me.
Phew! Relief.
My friend isn't well, grant her good health, please.
I'll be a good person if...
Coming to a fork
Grant me a wish, and I'll never ask for anything again.
What to do? Decisions need to be made
Istikharahs. Jobs. Career paths. Proposals.
What mystery is there in the time my forehead touches the ground and your Mercy descends?
Accept my prayers. Please.  
My head. The prayer mat in between. Like a messenger between my heart and the Almighty.
I spill and only you Know. Just you. The All-Knowing.
Just me, knocking at your door.
Let me in and show me light.
I lift my head.
Within the space of those three Subhana Rabbial A'la, all this spills out.
Heart racing. Heart in my throat. Heart mourning. Heart peaceful.
 God is the Highest and I bow down to you. Low.
That's what is in a Sujood.

End of the Sujood.


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