The Helping Hemp

My hands. And some bangles.
Hi there! I do hope you're doing well, and are having a lovely New Year's so far :) Today's post is going to be aaaaal about...the fantastic Hemp Face Protector. Now, you're probably thinking "What? Hempp??!! WHAT???" Relax, I do not endorse any drug-taking habits, (excepting the beneficial kind of course.)

It's the same reaction when I pull out the Hemp Hand Protector. I can see people's eyes widen with horror. Or Nervous Giggling. Hemp is associated with Cannabis, but no one is going to get high on using this product. I assure you, the only 'high' you'll get is the feeling of joy when you touch your 'as smooth as a baby's bottom' skin, and the fresh plant smell (which I have become partial to) :)

This is the Hemp Hand Protector. It's the Best-Selling range at The Body Shop. During their in-store offer days, it can be purchased at only £5.50. It's a bargain. Especially considering the fact that the 30ml tubes are £5, you're only paying 50p extra and you get an additional 70ml. Tis a no-brainer people. 

Hemp Hand Protector; £11.00 for 100ml.
What are the benefits of Hemp? Hemp is a really good moisturiser for 'Very Dry Skin' as you will find on the tube. And it's specifically recommended for people with eczema or psoriasis. Thankfully, I have neither, but I still use it because the winter air is not very kind to my skin :( If you are using it for the mentioned conditions, as with all products, seek medical advice also. Additionally, it's an anti-oxidant, which means that, in really basic terms, it prevents damage to the skin cells. Remember oxidisation and rusty iron nails from Chem class? Hemp does the opposite to your skin.

Hemp Face Protector: £8 for 50ml 
I decided to try out the Hemp Face Protector. Especially in winter because your skin is exposed to the dry winter air, and hence you're losing your skin's natural oils. In addition to this, if you're wrapping up warm in scarves and capes, the fibres are only irritating your face even more. The cream itself is really thick and luxurious. I only need a petit-pois sized amount, and I dot it around my face. Then, I rub my cheeks upwards, and my forehead in a rainbow shape to ensure all the dots of Hemp cream are blended.

The Greeny Goodness
The Verdict I have to wash my face several times a day due to ablution (pre-prayer washing), but even so, my face still feels really soft and supple without feeling greasy. Sure, there are times when I need to touch up, but on the whole, the HFP does an ace job at keeping those cheeks looking and feeling great.

*Tip. If you wear a scarf, moisturise BEFORE you wear your scarf. Because otherwise you're missing out your hairline, jawline, and the space where your ears meet your cheekbones. Not good. After I have finished my tub of Nivea, I am most probably investing in this tub of magic :)

Check it out here for more details:

Happy moisturising :)

(What? Were you expecting to see a  pic of my de-moisturised and moisturised face?
That's just creepy. I'm not having anyone closely study the supple-ness of the face of Yours Truly)

Till next time, cheerio! x


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