The Sneaky Scarf Slip...

Don’t you just hate it when you’re eating something, and because of the sheer toughness of the food, or the frequency of the chews, your scarf will gradually move forward and then you’ll resemble something like the offspring of a Dementor because your scarf is flopping at the front of your face. And then it’ll only get worse because some dear Old Lady will ask you, thinking she’s being polite, and and trying so hard to understand Other Cultures; “Hey up dear, is that a new sort of veil you also wear in your religion?” Whilst wanting to explain that being a Muslim and being an Indian are not tied, and simultaneously trying to re-adjust your scarf to its normality, you flap about, quite literally, between wanting to look half-decent and then respond politely to this Old Dear. Here are five fail-safe ways to avoid being the Floppy Mess.

1. Pins are your friends. Wrap your scarf around your head, and then shake your head vigorously. Anything that looks like it would fly off should the wind even slightly flirt with it, PIN IT DOWN.

The 'Chin Pin' I like to call it. I use these pins at the end to attach the 'tail' of the scarf to the front of my dress for more chest cover. I wouldn't suggest using Safety Pins. Believe me, the fibres in your scarf will just get trapped, and that's not very Scarf Safe now is it? :P

2. Try wearing an underscarf/viscose cap/ non-glossy headband. This will ensure that there is enough friction between your scarf and the layer underneath to stop your scarf misbehaving. The scarf is no longer in contact with your super shiny hair.

Armed with my tools.
3. If you are wearing a silk scarf, wear a thin polyester matching/co-ordinated scarf underneath it. The friction between the silk scarf and the scarf underneath will also ensure that the silk scarf doesn’t slip off and allow your scarf to say a sneaky ‘hello!’ to Unsuspecting People. Realistically, your silk scarf will slightly move backward, and therefore the co-ordinated scarf underneath won’t look too odd.

4.If you are worried about the possibility of underscarves/extra under layers giving you a headache, then backcomb your hair. This again, is all about friction, only this time it’s between the scarf and your hair.

5. If all else fails, you are an impossible person to please! Padlock your scarf to your head and hope to God no one finds the keys.

The 3 Lollipop pins. Large, Medium, and Small.
Large: For the initial pin ups.
Medium: Touch ups.
Small: Neaten the flaps.
I remember once, some random guests I did not even know existed came to visit my grandparents, and a rather embarrassing episode occurred. As I was doing my Tea Duties (God, I hate myself for sounding like a vintage housewife), I could feel something slide past my shoulders and all of a sudden my head felt really cold. Yup. My scarf had BETRAYED me and exposed my hair and neck to these Randomers.
It felt totally creepy. These strangers looking on as I helplessly fought an inner battle in my mind. But what does one do in such a situation?
Run out of the room with the tray of tea because I don’t want them to see me like this, but look like I’ve suddenly changed my mind and NOT give them their tea, or carry on serving them, but this would mean they’re goggling for longer?

I settled for putting the tray down hastily and rushing out with red cheeks. I’m never going to see them ever again, and they’ve got hands right? Surely they can move a cup out of the serving tray?
You’re never going to avoid every cheek-reddening moment, but the point is, just come to a compromise.
Laugh it off. Or rush out of the room. Just don’t make a big deal of it. You are a person, not an Entertainer.
The more you ‘Ohhhhhhhh God!!!’ at yourself, you’re just providing people with a Free Show.
Whilst they're munching on the samosas you’ve just served them and swapping eyebrow-raises and smirks.

I DO hope this has raised your 'PINterest' in my Blog. Sorry, couldn't help myself :)


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