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Hello all! This is my first proper blog, so please do bear with. I have yet to discover all the 'fancy' things you can do with all this. You should all know that I'm a paper and pen kind of girl; I don't tend to understand technology to its full potential :)
Hence, I have decided to go with a subject close to me. Yep, you guessed right! Charity Week. If I ever have twins, thou shall be most surprised that they won't be named 'Charity' and 'Week'. (So maybe that IS pushing it a tad bit far.)
Here is a little something for all my wonderful, people. *Gasp, clutches heart*

“How does Shai know we are wonderful?” I hear you ask be-flabbergasted-ly. Let me offer you my reasoning. The fact that you are interested in Charity Week is testimony to the following:
 A) You are not selfish because you dedicate those nuggets of extra time you have in your busy schedule to try and help make the world a better place. (But yes, I was also once a university student, and hey, there is a mutual understanding that we may just have, just maaaay, have skipped Professor Speaks-In-A-Weird-Accent’s lecture to attend that vital Bake Sale, Societies’ Quiz, or Roti Rolling Challenge). It’s fine, I’m no blabbermouth. I’ll keep quiet if you do.

 B) You actually WANT to make a difference to the world for the better and are doing something about it. You’re being proactive. Great!

C) You are networking with like-minded people, regardless of faith, gender, religion, and ethnicity. I have so much respect and pride for my fellow CWers; we’re striving for the same thing. Islamic Relief, the ‘umbrella’ to Charity Week’s ‘handle’, has a motto: ‘Faith Inspired Action.’ Faith. Not religion. When CW volunteers work together, it is so inspiring to see that no one sees ‘Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Christian, Jew, Muggle, Pure-blood, Half-blood…’ during all this action. This inclusive cause means we actually prefer cartoon characters. Henceforth why you may have seen the likes of Goofy, Mickey Mouse, and Mario shakin’ that bu…bucket. 

There you have it. Faith plus Inspired plus Action equals Faith Inspired Action. Simples. *squeaks* (Shush, Oleg, I’m trying to write right now dammit.)

 I could give you a whole alphabet of reasons for why CW is great. But you know what? We would run out of letters; the reasons surpass 26. 

Ze banner for CW2013
It is the belief that you can make the world a better place. Gangster Ghandi said: ‘Be the change you want to see in this world.’ This conviction, belief and value, this mutual passion and principles are golden threads, creating Unity between CWers. To bring and bind.  The basis of CW has always been Unity. Yes, Unity. It’s not about which region is the best. (Although we all know it’s #MidlandsMassive. All the other regions are just jealous of us. *Spreads battle paint on cheeks*) It’s not about who can make the best cake. (Aside: I have been to a Round-Off Dinner, and let me just say, I have never seen dudes in their mid 20s be quite so showy-off and aggressive about their Mary Berry skills. It felt surreal. You have Football Hooligans. But these are ISOC dudes SWINGING THEIR JUMPERS. Over pretty cakes. Cake Hooligans. But I suppose there is a Cake Hooligan residing in the dark depths of all of us. Especially if it’s Chocolate Cake. Go Brucie!)  CW’s not even about which university can raise the most money. (University of Leicester, you had better make me proud, or else thou shall see’st thine Hulk mode!!!! ‘You wouldn’t like to see me when I’m angry’).

I think it’s safe to say I am a CW fan. Joining it when I was a Female Rep on the ‘Muslim Forum’ way back when I started my AS Levels was my first time, and I have championed it since. I felt like Dorothy when she arrives in Oz; ‘Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.’ Yes. After joining CW, life became very colourful indeed.

We are not Pushy Parvez’s or Pressuring Penelope’s who absolutely insist that ‘But BROTHER/SISTER, surely you can do better than 1p for the Orphans and Needy children??’ When we say ‘Every penny counts’, we genuinely mean it; those pennies turn into pounds like that *magic wand sound effect*. So, my point is, if you have just joined FE/HE/graduated/working/retired/twiddling your thumbs, CW is a great platform for some great times. Perhaps you might be the pioneer for a new challenge? Personally, I have always wanted to try throwing cream pies at a printout of Katie Hopkins’/Professor Umbridge’s face.

Be a volunteer. Unless you can be a CW volunteer. Always be a CW volunteer. We’re cool people…just don’t get arrogant though.

Here’s hoping I bump into you at CW events; do pop over and say ‘Hi Shai! ’

(That rhymes. Wow. Just not Shakespeare, but moreso Sheikh-spear couplet.)

The Grand Total as revealed at the International Round Off CW Dinner, Devonshire Place, Leicester

 Click here to reveal #CWUnlocked: 


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