You are a Woman. Whoooooooo man!

International Women’s Day.
“Though she be little, she is fierce”- Sheikhspeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

You are a Woman.
A beautiful Creation of God.
A precious Princess borne from the King of the Universe.
Fashioned from Head to Toe,
Fingertip to fingertip with all His Majesty, and Care.
Ergo, you are one half of the Universe.

And WHAT a half of the Universe you are.
You’re stylish, sexy, sassy, sleek, and very smart.
Not in the sense of clothes,
But in the way you carry yourself.
You DON’T need the ‘Magic and Sparkle’ from M&S.

Magic and Sparkle resides in your every heartbeat.
Your mannerism.
The music in your voice.
The passion in your blood.
How you communicate.
You. My Fellow Woman. Are a bottle of Persil.
“Small and mighty”.

Beautiful, bloody gorgeous and downright brave.
You are someone’s daughter.
Someone’s sister.
Someone’s wife. 
You are One in a Million. 
You are "Won" in No One Else. 

Not as a prize.
But something of immense and irreplaceable value. 
One heart. A Won heart, 
Only by a Champion. 

You are Someone’s mother.
But, never ever forget this, SOMEONE first.
Some One. Some Woman.

And watch her go.
WHAT a woman.
Not a ‘bitch’ like the lyrics would have you believe,
Nor a whore, like the disgusting posters on the dingy
Alleyways would like you to swirl your hips and jut your booty full-out
For the satisfaction of greasy pigs who pant away.
You are beautiful. NOT booty-full.
Be You Tea Full.

NOT a ‘domesticated animal’ like
Robin ‘Thicke’ would have you believe,
You 'liberate' yourself.
No. ‘He’ doesn’t get to decide if you ‘want it.’
There ARE no ‘Blurred Lines’. But always Clear Lines.

That’s right. “Honey.”
Look in the mirror and call yourself sweet nothings.

Your amazing Mind bounces with
 Life and bursts with colour.
The colour of Confidence and Class.
Confidence which purrs quietly in your chest,
And Class which smiles sleekly, walking with style
Empowering others.
Maybe it’s NOT Maybelleine?
Maybe...just ARE born with it?

Treat yourself to a guilty pleasure.
And light those candles
And take a good long soak in the bathtub.
Use the ‘good stuff' today.
“Ohhhhhh YES!”

The only ‘Herbal Essences’ you need are
the brilliant flowery thoughts which
Blossom, bloom, and bathe your tongue with sweet smells. 
Today is all you have.
Be present. Be your own present.
You need to love YOUR presents.
Your presence.

“Because you’re Worth it.”



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