HairQuarters- An Interview with Asif

Today's interview will be some rather shameless promoting for my brother-in-law's Hair and Beauty boutique, HairQuarters. I talk to Asif about how he entered this market, how he remains committed to his business, and what their ethos at HairQuarters is. That is Asif, by the way. The brains and businessman behind it all.

Asif and his Team.
S:  Hi Asif!
A: Hi Blogger.

S: What inspired you to start HairQuarters?
A: I was inspired by the work I had seen of other businessmen and their work ethos. This in turn inspired me to run my own successful business.

S: That's a really straightforward answer! 
What would you say makes you different from other businesses like yours?

A: What makes us unique is that we don't compete with other businesses. We are guided by our own styles.

S: But you must be aware of some sense of competition? You're a business after all.
A: There is always going to be a sense of competitiveness, so whilst we are aware of people in the same industry, we don't let them dissuade us into thinking we can't achieve our best work.

S: Oooh, fighting talk. But a great mentality to hold I think, when there ARE so many 'big boys' out there.
A: Thanks, Blogger.
S: Stop referring to me as Blogger.

The bridal team

S: You've spent many years working on this. For someone in your position, what would your advice be to a budding entrepreneur?
A: Ouch, that's a hard question. Where to start? There are so many. Look, in order to achieve success (in anything), be willing to persevere, and work hard. The usual. You have to genuinely be happy also waking up to this role. For this specific industry, I'd also advise that you need to be open minded to learning new skills and also open minded to new ideas.
In the audience, supporting Hairquarter's work as part of the Asian Lifestyle Exhibition

S: How has the Bridal industry changed in the years you have been working in it?
A:The Bridal industry is more challenging and competitive. The industry is saturated with so many make-up artists and hairdressers, it is so important to keep up to date with styles.
We also have hair and make-up artists who specialise in bridal styling for both English and Asian brides. We have discreet rooms where ladies feel comfortable having beauty treatments carried out by qualified females.

S: What are your future plans?
A: The initial plan is to develop and grow the HQ team whilst also, obviously, concentrating on our existing clients to ensure client satisfaction.

S: Yes, I think that whilst you will be moving forward, it is still very important to, being able to continue to spin the plates as well as they have been spinning. It's important to build on a firm foundation instead of skipping steps.

A: Nice analogy.

S: You're welcome! :)

S: What is your Unique Selling Point? Why should I come to HairQuarters instead of someone else? (Because you know I would, family or not) *evil laugh*
A: Haha! Well, our USP is our ability to hand-pick stylists that fulfil our criteria for our clientele. We have specialist barbers focussing on Gents' hair and Male Grooming.

S: I won't ask much about that. So your Unique Selling Point comes down to the fact that you cater for both males and females, under one roof, whilst maintaining privacy and cultural values?
A: Yeah, you could say that. You need to be able to understand your target market and be sensitive to their comfort.

Asif with a model

S: Thank you very much for this. It was interesting to hear more about your thoughts on the wedding industry, and your business in general. You work really hard, and keep it up!
Do you have any other comments you'd like to add before I finish?
A: I will endeavour to maintain an excellent service. To always listen to clientele. And to generally excel where we can.
S: That's great. Well, thank you for your time Asif.
A: Anytime. Pop down to HairQuarters, if you need anything, anytime.
S: I'm happy with my fringe, thank you. There's this GREAT salon I know.... :P
A: Haha (!)



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