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The 14th of February.
Chocolates. Violins. Cuddly cheesy bears.
Or perhaps a totally random song that reminds you of Him/Her?
Something that marks an in-joke between you and your Other Whole?
 To the outsider, it might just look like a packet of mints (I couldn't think of anything else!!), but the two of you know that it's the way YOU broke the ice and now it's become your 'thing.' The stuff you giggle over. Who cares if people still stare at the pair of you like you're idiots? It marks The Beginning of Your Relationship, and that is totally fine :) :)
Aside: As much as I am an old-school romantic, the love-letter-tied-with-string type, I don't really buy into the 'My Other Half' business. After all, don't you think it would be great if relationships were made up of two whole people, not two halves?
And then once you're together, two happy, wholesome, fun, kind people, who compliment each other is better than one happy person, right?)

In honour of Valentine's Day, The Body Shop has got some great products in store. The above picture is just a reminder of the Smoky Poppy range that has been launched in honour of Valentines Day. It combines a (yes, you guessed it), floral, along with an intense smoky smell. The entire range, contrary to popular belief ,is unisex. Here is a link for the full range of products:
In addition to this, we also have some lovely massage oils if you want to create that special spa-y, pampering atmosphere.
Simply Sensual
The Sensual Oil
You can read the long list of ingredients yourself, but the smell is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Seriously though, don't be 'embarrassed' about paying for this at the checkout. I think that the smell is too good to pass by, especially when one's shoulders and legs are crying out for some attention. To me, I think of...cinnamon and vanilla ice-cream and ginger all mixed together. Along with a hint of black pepper. Not only does this serve as a massage oil, but if you have dry hands, you only need a pea-sized amount and it will leave your hands glistening very beautifully :)
 The Harmonising Oil
Happy Harmony
Inspired by the Thai massage, this massage oil is intended to be a stress-reliever. You know those nights when you come back from work and the weight of the world seems to be on your shoulders? This one's for you. Containing lemongrass and tarmarind, not only does it feel great and smell great, but it also makes your skin look great too.Lemongrass is known to have moisturising and toning properties, and in turn, the tarmarind will also act as a good exfoliant.
These are just two of my favourite massage oils that TBS retails. They are £10 each, and can be used with the massaging tools that are also available in store, or you could use simply opt for the tools on the end of your arms- hands! :)

Now, I know you may be rolling your eyes, 'pah'ing, and saying 'Shai! Hello. It's too late to prepare for Valentine's Day. But, stick with me and I'll explain.
1) Not all couples will meet up on Valentines Day. Hence, you still have time to run to TBS and indulge in some goodies.
2) Not all Valentine's dates are the romantic type. You might be meeting up with a friend you haven't seen in a long time.

3) Remember to love yourself first before you can expect anyone else to do that.
Your dignity and self-respect needs to be in check before you can rightly expect it from your Other Whole.
There is no reason why you should wait for anyone to buy you goodies :D
Treat yourself.
(Go on)
You know you want to.
I'll leave you with a soppy quote from the main man himself, Shakespeare *dons geeky specs*

                           "If music be the food of love, play on..."


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